Swiss Plateau
In the Swiss Midlands, located geographically in the heart of the country, breathtaking natural beauty harmoniously merges with the charm of Swiss old towns.

This results in a region characterized by gentle hills, picturesque rivers, fertile valleys, and historic cities.

Destination Schweizer Mittelland

The Swiss Midlands is one of the three main landscapes of Switzerland, situated between the Jura Mountains and the Alps, offering a diverse landscape. Here, you'll find gentle river courses, vast fields, and hilly regions. Mighty Emmental farmhouses with expansive roofs shape the landscape, while the hills extend from the foothills of the Alps to the lakeside, and to the north, the Jura mountain range is visible over Lake Biel, Solothurn, and Oberaargau.

The cities in this region reflect the prosperity of the villages. Historic city centers with thick walls, arcades, lanes, and fountains tell of a rich history. This includes the capital city, Bern, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here, time seems to stand still in the medieval towns.

The region also offers opportunities for winter sports and summer hikes in the Alps and Jura Mountains. Some insider tips from the locals include the Emmental, the Gurnigel/Gantrisch area, and the Weissenstein high above Solothurn.

Aarau, founded in the 13th century on a rocky plateau above the Aare River, is a city that preserves the spirit of bygone times. Historical buildings like the tall Obertor Tower, the 15th-century town church, and many more await discovery. The city is known for its painted roof eaves, earning it the nickname "City of Beautiful Gables." The surroundings of Aarau offer idyllic garden neighborhoods and a well-developed leisure and recreation infrastructure with amenities such as an open-air pool by the Aare River, a horse racing track, the Roggenhausen Wildlife Park, and much more.