Ticino, the sun-kissed pearl of Switzerland, captivates with its subtropical charm and picturesque beauty.

Where Mediterranean serenity meets alpine beauty, you can enjoy the best facets of Switzerland and Italy in a unique setting.

Destination Ticino

Ticino, located in the south of Switzerland, offers a magnificent backdrop with a mild climate, subtropical gardens, romantic landscapes, and wild valleys. Here, you can also find a wealth of Romanesque churches and picturesque alleys that open up to bustling piazzas.

At Lake Maggiore, you can savor a Mediterranean atmosphere, with palm trees stretching before snow-capped peaks. Cities like Ascona and Locarno celebrate the Dolce Vita. The picturesque Piazza Grande in Locarno hosts a renowned film festival every August. The largest city in Ticino is Lugano, located on the eponymous lake and surrounded by imposing mountains such as Monte Generoso or San Salvatore. The Ticino capital, Bellinzona, impresses with an incredible fortress comprising three well-preserved medieval castles and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Brissago, a small village near Ascona, close to the Italian border, is situated in the lowest region of Switzerland, just 197 meters above sea level. The village stretches along the shores of Lake Maggiore and the steep slopes of the mountains. The oldest part of the village, clustered around the beautiful Renaissance church of San Pietro e Paolo, is surrounded by centuries-old cypress trees. In Brissago, you can stroll through narrow, enchanted alleys and explore the Brissago Islands by boat.